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I grew up a Preacher’s Kid (PK) moving frequently as my father was appointed to new churches. I served in Vietnam as a M-60 Machine Gun Team Leader in the 3rd battalion 26 Marines, 3rd Marine Division. After service there I came home and started in seeking to struggle with my calling to be a United Methodist Pastor. I became a student pastor where I served churches and went to school at the same time. My undergraduate Religion and Philosophy degree was from Pfeiffer University. My Seminary studies were at Duke Divinity School and My doctoral work at Trinity.

I served 40 years as a pastor in the Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church. I am married for over 54 years to my best friend. Together we have one wonderful son, his fabulous wife, and two outstanding grandchildren.

My life has been filled with all kinds of adventures (war, health problems, low self-esteem, introvert, great joy being among people where I am loved and accepted) which help prepare me to be an open, listening, and understanding pastor who believes the thread that runs throughout all relationships is the grace of God.

My favorite scripture text has always been the 23rd Psalm. To me it speaks a word of hope, help and promised wholeness to our every situation. I offer these blogs as a word to help us feel the Father’s embrace in any and every time of need.

I write this blog almost everyday more to keep me going and more sharp than anything else. I will share with you things from humor to tears, religion to what the cats are doing. My purpose in this blog is simply to make you smile and in some small way to help you through the day. I hope you enjoy something of what I do.

Grace and Peace

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