Taking Care of The Pastoral Family

Steve & Shirley

Steve & Shirley

Today we had to be in Winston to meet the Duke Energy people to pick up our old freezer. Rising at 5:45 we get to the house at 7:00am and the Duke people get there at 7:05. We worked to get the house ready for Sue’s crew to come in tomorrow to clean the carpets. So we had to have every room with carpet cleared of all our stuff. Our intention was to complete all our moving from the parsonage today. But, alas, that did not take place. We ran out of time and space. We even rented a U-Haul truck so that we could get it all done today. We pulled out of Winson around 8:15 this evening. It was a long, exhausting day. This means that we will be back tomorrow afternoon (probably bare-footed) to finish up with the parsonage and study move. Saturday morning the crew we have hired to clean will come in around 9:00. That should conclude with church officials inspecting the parsonage sometime Saturday afternoon… sign all the forms making sure that all is ready for Robin, James and their family to come into a clean and comfortable parsonage.

I certainly do appreciate all Sue Morgan (our parsonage Chair) has done, and Mike Boland, Mike Caligiuri, Susette Westmoreland, Larry Aldridge, Homer Craig, Julian Blackburn, R.L. Spach, and others who helped to make our parsonage a home for the Fitzgerald’s. I know they will appreciate all the work and planning you have done to make this happen. A lot of work has been done. All the wallpaper has been stripped away and replaced with paint; a chair rail has been added to the dinning area of the kitchen; new mirrors and lighting hardware added to the front bathroom; water leaking into the corner of the basement  has been (hopefully) corrected; all the popcorn ceiling stuff has been removed from the den and hall, smoothed and painted; and a new concrete pad for the AC to rest on has been redone to run the water away from the house.

As you can see, Pine Grove cares about their pastor and the home which they will make in the parsonage. Thank all of you for caring for your pastoral family in such a special way.

Grace and Peace


2 Responses

  1. It made me tired just reading the letter. Soon you will be resting at your new home with your feet up, wondering how you got through it.

  2. Hope y’all can rest soon! Prayers, jd

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