Thanks for a Special Day

Steve & Shirley

Steve & Shirley

Today was my last Sunday in the pulpit as the pastor in charge of a local United Methodist Church. I may preach in a United Methodist Church again, but I will never be the pastor in charge. I have approached this day with mixed emotions, and have them still.

You made the day much easier for me with your laughs, with the children’s time being so exciting and good. The hard part was the music… the music is always good… today it was extra special – especially with having that old guy from Hickory joining the choir.

Certainly the piece of music and the signatures made that extra special. I have sought to be faithful and have some times succeeded. But for you to understand that my motivation was for all of us to be faithful is deeply touching. I will find a special place in my study to display “Keepers of The Faith.” It will be a place where it will constantly remind me of you… and that will make me remember how lucky I am to have served with you.

I want to thank those people who traveled from other churches and places to be here to share in this last Sunday. You will never know how much that special effort touched us. Thank all of you for allowing us to enter your home, life, heart and spirit. Thank you for allowing us to be the ones you called when you needed a word of encouragement. Thank you for forgiving me when I failed you and for continuing to be my friend and part of my family.

God’s speed to all of you as you move into and through this transition. Know that God is walking with you and holding you very close as you take these steps. Seize all that God has in store for you and God will richly bless this church.

I will miss you. I thank God for you. I will never forget you.

Grace and Peace


6 Responses

  1. Thank you for all you andShirley have done for the church and me. I have never been so welcomed, no matter what I had done or didn’t do in my life. You showed me how to be loved no matter what, and from your example the church followed. I’m sorry I was not able to be there to say goodbye, but know I will miss you greatly and thank Shirley for introducing me to Costello del Poggio and my love for it. I’ll pray your retirement will bountiful of whatever God has in store for you and your family(grandchildren). Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Forever love,
    Abigail Henson

  2. Thank you for that last sermon and that last hug , they meant so much to me. Hope you both will have a good time in your retirement (while emptying all those boxes) ha, ha. Thank you for the last 4 years you spent with us.
    PS: Karen said, hello.

  3. Pastor Steve, we are so sad that we did not get to come to your last sunday at Pine Grove. Emma has been very sick for the past week and we could not have her out. Russ and I would like to thank you for everything you have done for us over the past 4 years. You have a very special place in our hearts and we wish you and Shirley a wonderful retirement. We will keep you in our prayers and we hope to still see you every now and then. Thank you for a wonderful 4 years!

  4. I’m not good with good byes so knew I’d better escape out the side door. I will miss you so much but will be forever grateful for what you taught me about reaching out to others and that I am family. Thank you…thank you…thank you…

  5. Was so sad today that I could not stop by for a final hug from you two. Just want to plan to see you again soon. Thanks for being you.

  6. We will miss you and Shirley and will never forget you guys either. Thank you for all that you did for our church.

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