Mad As Hell!!!

Steve & Shirley

Steve & Shirley

This is not a devotion tonight. It is more of sharing with you a dream a fear, and what I plan to do.

I have to admit to you that I am very mad at what the people in Washington are doing to our country. I don’t believe I have every been so angry at or so disappointed in our country’s leaders. I am so angry that I am going to get involved in politics. I ALWAYS VOTE. But this time I am going out to help organize people to vote for people who will walk across the aisle and compromise in order to do the BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE. I will work to vote out ALL people who have an agenda that is not surrounded around the good of the people of America. They must be willing to work together or they will not have my vote.

I am afraid that people are running out of hope that their government will ever do anything to help them. It is kinda like the Vietnam veterans felt when we came home from the war and sought to get help for PTSD or Agent Orange… right after the government required us to fight for our country… our country denied help to many for conditions they put us in.

I read today that some of those people are beginning to act. A Truck Drivers Association, some 3,000 truck in all, are planning a slow-down of all traffic on the Washington Beltway 3 days this week beginning Friday. They are not letting anyone into or out of Washington. They are leaving a lane open for emergency vehicles only. This is their protest for the gridlock in Washington. (USA Today)

I had a dream the other night about the people who wake up one day and find that they have lost all hope. That is the last straw of a desperate person… the loss of hope. Perhaps they have lost their jobs, their homes, maybe the family has split… and there is nothing left.

In my dream there are millions of these people who are marching on Washington and blocking the streets to and from the Capitol building. But, they are peaceful… angry but peaceful. I never even thought about trucks on the Beltway.

Worse than that are the ones who are so desperate that they get violent. If you know someone like this, please talk with them, make arrangements for them to get help, or call someone to help. There may be an element out there who will seek out these Tea Party people, who are reportedly safe in their own districts, and take some violent action toward them in their home district.

I know people are mad, especially when cockroaches are rated higher than Congress, but we need to take action in ways that are legal… in the voting booth. Please be on guard about your own anger and the anger of those around you. Be vigilant to help those who are losing hope… get them help before they do something very bad. Be alert.

It is okay to be Mad as Hell. It is okay to vote the rascals out. It is NOT okay to take any violent action. If that is you or you are not sure… get some help right away. You will be glad you did… and so will your family.

Dear Lord, help our country in this time of great need. Help those people who are losing hope to find hope in you and thereby recover from sinking into desperate actions. Speak to our leaders to come together for the good of the country and make the decisions needed to heal our land. In the Spirit of love and mercy. Amen.

Grace and Peace


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  1. Go for it!!

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