One Heck of a Man (Bob Chafee)

383936_2438983145858_1485766825_nMark told me in the early service this morning that he tried to open this blog and it would not work. My apology for the computer glitch. Perhaps that just means Bob is working in this matter and will have it fixed in a jiffy?

John 13:34-35  …34″A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. 35″By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Tomorrow we will gather at Pleasant Garden to say our official farewell to a dear friend and long time church member, Mr. Bob Chafee.

I think of Bob every time I see Georgia Tech play on television. You see Bob went to Georgia Tech and he would often sing the part of their fight song… especially referring to himself and other Tech grads as “a hell of an engineer.” Bob loved that school and he loved being an engineer. He was good at it, had a very sharp mind, and could do just about everything well. He worked for some might good places: Western Electric and Lucent Technologies among them.

After retiring and moving to Pleasant Garden, Bob took on the job of unofficial office manager. He wasn’t paid a dime but gave his all. He would come into the office and work for hours to get the computers working correctly, get the electric door locks programed correctly (along with all that he would have to go through talking with the company reps), and generally look after all the systems of the church. When not in the office working, he would often times take work home and tinker with it there. Bob loved to give of himself like this and we loved having his cheerful spirit lifting any down mood.

Bob also sang in the choir. Now, I never heard him sing a solo, so I do know about his singing voice. Whether great or not so good you could be assured on one thing about Bob, he was going to give it everything he had. He did that in the choir, on the finance committee, teaching his Sunday School Class, and in any other field of endeavor he attempted. He was always eager to help.

Bob was a great man who sought to be Christ-like in all he did. Oh, he would joke a little but he would never do anything to intentionally hurt someone or make them feel uncomfortable. He was a man of sacrificial living and sacrificial giving. If there was a need, Bob would be one of the first to step up and help.

As we come to this time of farewell, I wonder if I let Bob know that I really did love and admire him, that I appreciated all the many, many, many things he did for the church and the way he lived his life daily. Those who knew Bob, knew that he was a Christian man who was deeply devoted to the Lord and the Church that carried His name. I am a better man because I knew Bob Chafee. And I will forever be thankful that I could call him my friend.

Perhaps todays word for all of us is to remind us not to wait to say thank you to the Bob’s of the world. Let them know right now – in the midst of living – that you love them and appreciate all they do for the church, community, and those in need. Don’t wait till it is too late and you wonder if they knew how much you cared. Take care of that very easy task right away.

Dear Lord, thank you for allowing Bob Chafee to walk through my life. He has been such a good example of what a Christian is and how Christians give themselves to the church and the people around them. We know that Bob is, now in a much fuller sense how he has always been, surrounded by the loving embrace of a gracious and merciful heavenly Father, who is saying to Bob: “Well done, good and faithful servant. Come and receive the joy of your Father. In and through Jesus. Amen.

P.S. In visiting in Bob and Shirley’s home on many occasions, I always remember their warm and gracious welcome and friendship. But I was always very impressed by the very distinguished picture of Bob’s dad, in full Navy dress blues. His dad was a captain in the Navy. Every time I saw that picture I said WOW!!! Go Navy. Go Tech. Go Bob.


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