Big Hearted Kids

DSC_0100Have you ever heard of such a thing as grandparents who brag on their grandchildren? Who would ever thunk of such a thing??? Forgive us but my wife and I are bragging grandparents. We have two wonderful grandchildren, Noah and Abby. Abby is pretty, very creative, smart and talented. She is a 5th grader who always makes the A or A, B Honor Roll. Abby sings in talent shows at school and summer camp. She dances in talent shows and does liturgical dance at church. Abby’s infectious smile and bubbly personality has given her a lot of friends and one day she will be in charge of the world. Noah is smart… receiving A’s (all but 2 B’s) in his seven years in school (and those two B’s were less than 1/2 percent from the A range). He is a seventh grader who was invited to be part of the Duke TIP program. One of the reasons for being invited to the Duke TIP program was that he is second in his class in math scores and scored above the 97th percentile on his EOG last year.

This past Saturday he was the only seventh grader who is a non-AIM student invited toduke tip 2 take the SAT. He was in there with high school students. Now we wait for the scores to see what comes next with the TIP program. High scores open doors for the Duke TIP program to enhance his learning skills and help prepare him for his collegiate experience.

Yes we are proud of Noah for his smarts and Abby for her creativity, but we would be proud of them simply because they are our grandchildren… and we will love and accept them no matter what. Both of them fully participate in church and a life of faith. Both are involved in service projects. And both have big hearts.

The other day Noah was responding to a pen pal that some other kid didn’t have time to respond to. So he took on the task himself. He wrote a new kid at Foust Elementary School. The kid said I am new, don’t know anyone and kind of scared. Noah encouraged this new kid by saying I have been in a new school before. Just smile, be yourself and everything will work out fine. When he read that to me I though of how proud I am of this young man. He could have just glossed over the hurt this kid was feeling. But he decided to help him to feel better. I hope that kid does well at Foust and fits in like a glove.

Be proud of your kids, grandkids, and all the kids. Your love and acceptance just may make a big difference in their lives.

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  1. Congrats to two proud grandparents……..and rightly so!!! But, watch out! Our daughter, Amy, was in the TIP program and that was when she “decided” she really wanted to go to Duke!! 🙂

    • Thanks Martha. I hope Noah will get scholarships, grants, or Shirley wins the lottery. I would love for him to go to Duke… it is such an inspiring place. But I am sure that can be said for a lot of schools. Did you find the TIP program good and productive?

  2. Great to share such good news with you. Grandchildren are the best!

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