Appointment Time

10835225_10206374849470969_680204431049334370_oIn the United Methodist Church pastors are appointed to their places of service by the Bishop. Our appointments are usually one year at a time. I spent 40 years in the ministry and I am still sure I have no clue what goes into the decision about who is appointed where. It has always seemed like baseball teams trading players. Someone needs a fastball pitcher another team needs a good second baseman. Somehow the players are traded. Or it is like trading cars. Someone wants a cool sports model while another needs a mini-van. If the players and the cars all work in concert with the team… then it is a good match.

Honestly, I know that the cabinet tries their best to match up the needs of the churches with the gifts and graces of the pastors… and then prays for them to work out a good marriage.

A good friend and colleague of mine, Reverend Mark Reisinger (my former Duke Student) will be moving this year after a seven year stay at his present church. I remember back all those years when he came to our church and brought with him a love for Bishop Story, the South African people, and a heart for missions. He was such a kind and thoughtful person. We had many good Duke interns and a couple who just wanted to skate by. We were thankful for them all… for we all learned and grew in each time of ministry together.

This is a tough time of the year when we, as pastors, have to say good bye and prepare to be welcomed into the hearts of another congregation. It is a time when the past must find its place there and the present come to the forefront so that authentic ministry may take place.

Grace and peace to all the clergy moving this year and to all the churches who will be receiving new pastors. May both enter into this new chapter with an open heart, a loving spirit, and the real grace of Jesus Christ. God’s Speed to all.

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