Seal Team 6 Invading The Vatican

First Confederate National Flag named “Stars and Bars” 1861

First Confederate National Flag named “Stars and Bars” 1861

I must admit that I never thought I would see the Confederate Flag removed from the capitol buildings in some of the southern states. I was born and raised in North Carolina but the Civil War has never really meant all that much to me. For me it was brother against brother, family against family, and state against state. It was a big time family squabble that got a lot of young men killed.

I know slavery was part of the reason for the war… but we know that rich people in the north owned slaves as well, even George Washington. Other reasons for the war were economic… blockades that kept southern cotton from reaching its points of sale. Slavery was despicable in itself, but the inhumane treatment of slaves was even worse.

Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Va. The cross is St. Andrews’ Cross of Scotland which has less to do with Religion and more to do with strength and progress.

Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Va. The cross is St. Andrews’ Cross of Scotland which has less to do with Religion and more to do with strength and progress.

I am glad the flag is down but will that solve the problem of racism? I don’t think so. Some are using the lowering of the flag as a springboard to remove all Confederate remembrances from every city and town across the country. Some are talking about changing the name of the Jefferson Davis highway in Virginia, or removing Robert E. Lee statues from cemeteries. Even our own House is wanting to remove the Confederate flag from Confederate Cemeteries.

I wonder when will it end??? It reminds me of the words by Rameses in the movie the Ten Commandments. Moses has dishonored Pharaoh’s house by killing an Egyptian and found out to be a Hebrew. Judgment is pronounced on him and he is exiled from Egypt, and along with that it is ordered that his name never be spoken again and that his name be removed from every place it is inscribed. I think some are thinking this is where we need to go. If we do, then order up Seal Team 6 to invade the Vatican to removed two special letters kept in the catacombs: One from Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, and one from President Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States – both asking the Pope to pray for the people in battle.

Change will not happen with the lowering of a flag or the removal of all names associated with the Confederate part of the Civil War – or those who owned slaves. It will come only when we make room for change, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, and brotherhood among ALL people. When we are ready to do that, we are ready for healing.



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