Lollipops Are Needed Sometimes

lollipopsThis afternoon on the way to pick up the grandkids, we stopped by the bank to make a car payment. I handed the teller the check and the payment slip for her to validate. She took it and said: “Just a minute” as she walked away from her station through an open space that took her into the bank proper. In a moment she comes out and says: “Thank you, Mr. Martin.” I just sat there because I haven’t received the receipt. She looks at me as if to say why aren’t you driving away, and says: “You want a lollipop?” I quickly answer “No.” It is then she notices that she hasn’t extended the drawer holding my receipt. I take my receipt and drive away wondering if I should have taken the lollipop???

From time to time we all may need that lollipop; that momentary throwback to our younger days, that sweet sugar high that brings just the little comfort food we need. We can just sit there and enjoy this sweet treat as we contemplate our situation or condition.

Perhaps, just perhaps, our meditation will lead us to think a little more about Jesus stepping into our troubles, bringing the sweet and comforting grace of God. Every night I struggle with sleep as I deal with atrial-fibrillation – the uneven, flopping heart beats keep me awake, especially as the pounding increases and my heart rate slows down to somewhere in the low 40’s.

We all deal with circumstances everyday that would welcome the grace of God to just bring sweet relief. Hang in there and hold on as you welcome a friend into your troubles.

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  1. Bring on the lollipops!

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