collateral_beauty_u_2_theatrical_4320x1080Recently Will Smith introduced us to a new way of thinking with the title of his new movie… I have put a lot of words with “Collateral” all leading to and describing destruction. Will scrambles up our thinking by joining collateral with “Beauty.”

When I first saw that title it blew my mind… what kind of heart, mind and spirit came up with joining these two words? We all know that at some time we are going to blow up and create all kinds of affects around us. Will we damage others as the world does or will we be of a different spirit and when we blow create rather than destroy??? Collateral Peace… Collateral Love… Collateral Forgiveness… Collateral Grace… Collateral JESUS!!!

In today’s world there is a lot of collateral damage all around and the potential for a great deal more… even catastrophic damage. There has been no better time than right now for all of us… each of us to find a way to make sure that the affect we have on those around us (when we blow) will be that which uplifts and not pushes down, brings together and not blows apart, heals and not wounds.


Thanks Will.


A special thank you to all of you who have expressed your concern with my health problems. It has been an interesting year in which I may (MAY) be coming close to the edge of the woods… able to see some light in the clearing ahead. As you know I have been diagnosed with heart failure, stage III kidney disease, type II diabetes, and most recently (since I have been retaining fluid, stomach pain, bloating) they are looking into liver disease. (No fair piling on!!!) I will be going to Duke for a Fiber Scan in January and will be taking iron shots to replenish a loss of iron.

Soon I hope to get some strength back and feel more like a human being again. Continue to keep us in your prayers as we do you every day.

Hope my books will have a good effect on you…

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  1. Great work Steve as usual. I remember a work you did some years ago called Intentional Care. What would our world be like if we were intentional in our care for each other as Jesus was for us?
    Take care of yourself. You two are in our prayers.


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