Welcomed Interruption!

dscn0713A few weeks ago I had this very bright and loving idea… I would buy Shirley a new refrigerator for Christmas. We have had the old one for a few years and it doesn’t make or crush ice very well. She and I are walking around Sears one evening (while these things just happen to be on sale) and I spotted one I thought was perfect. It was stainless steel, had french upper doors, one middle drawer for wine and other drinks or whatever you will like to store there. The bottom drawer is the freezer. I liked what it did. I liked the way it looked. I even liked the size. We made the deal and waited for the delivery.

The first two delivery dates were postponed because of something somewhere in some factory or warehouse. It was finally delivered on December 6. And guess what? That beautiful new refrigerator that looked so good in the store… so perfect in the store… was too big to go through our kitchen door… yes, even with the doors off.

In a panic we called friends who knew about that stuff and they told us it would take a long time… no word from them yet. We called the man the installer said was good at this sort of stuff. He came that day at 5pm and worked till after 6pm widening the opening of our kitchen door. The plan was to call him when Sears came back to complete the installation. Today – December 13 at 4pm they showed up and told Shirley that the opening was STILL TO SMALL!!! You see there are these little plastic things that stick out when you remove the drawers which will not let this fridge pass through the eye of this needle.

Tomorrow afternoon Kenny is coming back out and I GUARANTEE this time the hole will be BIG enough. I am tired of the fridge setting in my living room. We may have a great room when he is finished… but the fridge will be in the section of the house named KITCHEN.

With that as our day, this evening we headed to SEMS for Abby’s Winter Choral Concert. We get there a little late and there are no handicapped parking spaces… and with my inability to walk much this posed a problem. Well, about two rows over in an adjacent parking lot I spied an empty place (not a space but a place). A space is a marked parking space while a place is a spot on or near the pavement where you can park but it is not a parking space. It causes funny looks, even stares and sometimes a lot of people clearing their throats. I am sorry I did that… but any further away and I would not have been able to get to the auditorium. That is my story and I am sticking to it…

Luckily, Joy and Stephen saved us seats inside. We found our places and sat down. Behind us is this little boy… I would say maybe 3 years old who is making a little noise. At the beginning of the concert they make the announcements about phones off, no using electronic devices, no cameras with flash photography… do all you can to not disturb those around you or keep them from enjoying the concert.

This little boy made singing sounds throughout the concert… mostly between the selections sung by the choral groups. But this was one of those times when you simply could not say anything to the mom or the little boy. In a low tone… almost a whisper he was singing: “Jesus Loves Me This I Know.”

That little boy made the Winter (Christmas) Concert at Southeast Middle School. He brightened up my day. I hope this word will do the same for you. Jesus Loves You!

Grace and Peace


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