The Big Wait

Well, as usual, Shirley is out shopping and I am at home doing what old people do at home, not a whole lot of anything. Sitting here with my cup of joe and starting this blog. Soon Kenny (the handyman) will be here with me finishing up the framing of the kitchen door. I got to thinking that this almost month long ordeal has turned into quiet a wait. At times this wait was disappointing, at times downright frustrating, and others the excitement grows as we near the completion of the long wait.

I remember way, way, I mean way back, when we children “waited for Christmas.” Those old enough will rem87b8ae2b641c79ea92f6694baa45cc10ember the Christmas season ritual of the child. It all started with the famous SEARS CHRISTMAS TOY CATALOG. I can’t begin to explain what a BIG, BIG deal that was. My brother and I would (reluctantly) take turns looking, staring, dreaming into and about the stuff in that holy book. It seemed that most of November and December was spent looking through that book a thousand times. The pictures drew us right into the scenes of whatever joy and excitement that particular toy was to provide.

Now the second most popular book at Christmas was the Lionel Train Book. These two books kept the kids of the world busy. In writing this story I even found a Sears Catalog from Japan with Godzilla on the front cover. Never knew theyf6b3880dd36743b80e0b1ea0eabf7bcf had one of these. But didn’t those trains look beautiful as they took us to new places all over the United States, especially if there was smoke coming out of the engine?

This is the season of waiting for that which will speak to our needs, desires, successes and failures. We wait not for something from a toy catalog that will make us happy as long as it doesn’t break. No, we are looking for something that is permanent, eternal, real and everlasting… something that will bring about real change deep inside where we really live and move and have our being.

Santa says: “I’m making a list, checking it twice to see if you have been naughty or nice.” Our receiving a gift… the one we have wished for, dreamed of depends on how well we have measured up… fulfilled the law. Jesus comes and takes all that burden on himself as He touches human life… all of human life with His Wonderful, Life-Giving GRACE. It is a grace that is wonderful and amazing which is for us personally and last from everlasting to everlasting.

Sears can’t do it! Lionel can’t do it! But Jesus can. Pay attention. Wait for the gift He brings to your soul.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. I look at them now and wish we had those toys when we were smaller children. You and I never really grew up. We just acted like we were. Now we can get away with it.
    I trust that you and the family will have an awesome Christmas

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