United, Accountable, Compassionate

IMG_1533Since the November Presidential Election I have increasingly tried to come to terms with what all I perceived that to represent to the United States, my own family, and the world. I was hurt and angry and absolutely befuddled by what I understood was happening. I could not understand how the United States people could vote for a person with what I saw as a very black hole where his heart should have been… a billionaire playboy who felt he could (and did) assault women simply because they would let a star do that to them. A bully who could publicly call on Russia to hack his opponent’s emails, encouraged Wikileaks to bring forth more stuff into the news of the day. A man who’s lie rate in all his sayings were 83% and yet people believed him.

I know Hillary had a uphill climb with her own faults and Republicans used whatever channel they could to convince the American people that the do nothing, obstructionists Congress was somehow the fault of the Democrats and not their own inauguration day vow to not let Obama pass anything – make him a failing President. They gave him no chance from the very beginning. Somehow their smoke and mirrors fooled the people and now we will have a person in the White House who already (before Inauguration Day) has China threatening war with the United States.

Some of my friends are excited about the new path coming. I, on the other hand, am very afraid. Afraid of a Civil War between the rich and poor, people of color and whites, progressives and conservatives, people on the fringes of both political parties, and radical groups with the United States.

I am afraid for any young man now in the 10th to 12 grades of high school. Soon they may just be standing not in the lunch line but in another line – a military draft line to supply the military with our young men who will be sent to suffer and die for Donald Trump’s narcissistic philosophy. I am afraid because President George Washington predicted that the only major threat to our democracy would be the erosion of the people’s trust in fair elections. That day is here… not in its fullest I hope… but it is well on its way to chipping away at the foundations of our country.

I fought for this country. I love this country. I believe it to be the best country in the world. But friends… you know as I do… it is a very fragile country. We are on the brink of some very unsure times. If we don’t learn to come together as a country of real brothers and sisters who care for the welfare of all our people we are in some really deep and terrifying times ahead.

As we approach the new President taking office… pray… act… become… UNITED, ACCOUNTABLE and COMPASSIONATE!!!

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  1. Well said, Steve.

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