TrumpPeople really get excited about the Friday just after Thanksgiving, excited about all the sales, all the bargains out there and the official beginnings of the Christmas Season. Some get all bloodied and bruised as they fight for that special toy or that one item on their list.

Well there is another Black Friday. It is January 20, 2017 when the United States will officially recognize that dark, dark days are ahead of the United States… if this tweeting narcissistic twelve year old does what he wants… and his proposed cabinet suggest even greater cuts.

Already NC lawmakers are wanting to cut arts and physical education from the next year’s school curriculum for K-3 grades in NC. Hey, you voted for them and for this top clown… you overlooked all the bright… blinding… screaming warnings, facts, and opinions which pointed out why this person should NEVER govern anyone – especially the US. So when things start to fall apart; education for our children, care for our elderly, Medicare and Social Security cuts for the sick and retired, health care for those who can’t afford it – especially those with pre-existing conditions, joint activities with other countries around the world to bring peace and better living conditions for all the people – especially the poor and forgotten, when we start arguing with and going to war with major nuke states, when your son, daughter, grandson and granddaughter are drafted to fight in a Trumped up war… that will be the time you stop thinking about what you got – how you don’t have to pay to help anyone you don’t want to help, just the ones you agree with – you  may have to think about what you just may lose and how your selfishness may actually hurt those you really care about.

Even tonight on Black Friday Eve this guy has only 30% approval rate… 70% of the people worry about what he will do. If you let him know he will use your name in a reactionary tweet about how phony you are and how much better he is.

I hope I am wrong because the United States will better survive if he grows a heart and finds compassion in it. My doubts and fears say he has no capacity for anything outside his own personal need for approval and validation… I haven’t seen it in anything he has done so far.

Well Black Friday is here and the roller coaster ride is about to begin. Hold on baby! It is going to be different this time… more than just bloody and bruised, it may be a deadly one?

Grace and Peace


Yes, I believe that our selfishness is a sinful way to live. It is the sin revealed in the Garden of Eden and it is still with us today. All of God’s people are called to live caring (really caring) for our brothers and sisters round the world and across the street. Caring includes building a community where we care for ALL PEOPLE no matter how they look or condition in which they find themselves. As you pray for Mr. Trump, I hope you will pray that God will reveal to you what living as a real disciple in today’s world looks like and what we are called to do and become.

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