Random Acts of Kindness… And Truthfulness

12311328_1694579984162048_8782211737330115429_nRemember a few days ago I asked for you to help me find ways to accomplish Random Acts of Kindness with our elected officials, those who believe differently than we do and in the words and actions we share with those around us. I am like you, all the stuff going around: accusations, denials, lies, half truths, fake news and alternative facts… if we are really honest with ourselves we don’t know what to believe. This latest press conference with the President was very troublesome because of the wild unreality of Trump blaming everyone else for the problems going on in today’s Washington.

I know we want to be involved in things that lift us up and at the same time we want to accomplish that while honoring our own honesty and integrity. I want to help Washington heal, the country heal, while seeing the world being lived out around me through the eyes of truth. It does no one any good if we shower others with random acts of kindness while holding on to a lie, hiding the truth, and being dishonest with those around us.

Yes, I want to be part of the solution and not part of the Washington problem. To help get us all to a better place I plan to seek to offer random acts of kindness in truth to my elected officials, those who read my blogs, and others who know me. We must all seek to deal in truth not in that which is false, shady or half-truth. So I will require of me and of you that we tell and recognize the truth in all our dealings with each other. The reason for that is because I don’t think we can lift others or our own spirits on a lie. So I will tell you the truth. If you find that something I write is not truthful, I expect you to write me and share with me cited references about where I failed. I will search it out and seek to explain where I was coming from and how it could possibly be wrong.

I will also continue to hold the President, his cabinet, the Democrats and Republicans to the truth test… because if we do not start with the truth there is no way any of us can make the trip to the healing waters of grace.

In the process I will offer us some suggestions of random acts of kindness we may offer. Let me know how you feel about dealing with truth and kindness in this way.


We want kindness to be a win/win situation… where all benefit and are brought to a better understanding, deeper faith, and a way for all people to grow in their calling to be a people of peace.

Kindness is contagious!

And it’s a truly win/win situation – the person you are being kind to benefits through your help while you feel good for having helped someone. Ultimately, the world will become a better place through your kindness.

Send someone (perhaps an elected official or someone for whom this election has been tough) a hand written note of thanks for something good they have brought to the surface in your life.

Please apply this RAK in your life today – and let me know how you get on with your random acts of kindness. 

What goes around is sure to come around

Happy Helping

Happy Truthing

Hope you find some random acts of kindness in my books on line…

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