thIt is amazing what you can see on a blank page on your computer screen… as you face an open window… peering out on the beauty of God’s world and the unlimited possibilities which lie before us. All the distractions and clutter are gone and you simply have thoughts and words to ponder and arrange in a speakable, hearable manner.

Today is one of those days. Our busy week has a few down hours in front of us before we start again. What to do with that precious time?

This morning at breakfast I just sat there pondering my Rice Krispies. Have you ever done that? It makes one wonder, right?

Why is my today Krispies quieter than they were when I was a kid. Have they done something to them to make them quieter… like a Snap, Crackle and Pop silencer? You have to really listen closely to get the old time full effect of the cereal you expect to speak to you in clear, happy tones. I rake my spoon back and forth through the milk, across the top of my Krispies and they wake up a little but not enough for today’s price of talking cereal.

Have you noticed that some of your Krispies will make their way to the top rim of your bowl and actually jump off if given the chance? You have to have your spoon at the ready to scrape them back into the milk or they will jump to the table. Why do they do that? Is the fear of being eaten greater than ending up on the table and then in the trash can? It is hard to think like a Krispie would think.

My snap, crackle and pop don’t mean the same thing they did when I was a kid. Back then there was excitement about being a pal with the Krispie Trio. Now days if the Krispie Kids are at your breakfast table it means you can’t have bacon and eggs, grits, hash browns, and or pancakes. No! Now days because you have all these medical things you can’t pronounce without a dictionary wrong with you… you must settle for a subdued snap, crackle and pop.

Today my snap, crackle and pop have more to do with the sounds I make as I move toward the breakfast table. Mostly they are the sounds of old bones, tired muscles, and buttons popping off pajamas that have also become worn and frayed. I can’t find the milk because I am standing in front of and peering into the microwave. Once I realize that and look around making sure no one has seen me, I move to the big boxy thing called a refrigerator, retrieve the milk, and try to carry it to the table. Milk is heavier today than it was when I was younger… have you noticed that, too? The snapping, crackling and popping accompany me in sitting down, picking up all the stuff I dropped on the floor, my trip back to the sink… and for the rest of the day. Today there is no snap in my steps… a lot of crackle in my bones… and moments of popping off to sleep. Then snap and crackle are gone, but I do look forward to the popping off to nap time.

Perhaps we just need to turn up the iTunes at breakfast and not worry about those quiet Krispies. They are better for you than the other stuff. Find a way to enjoy their company knowing that they are helping to make you better. Today, just enjoy the pops of quietness. I am willing to bet you deserve it.

Grace and Peace

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  1. You r a comic!

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