Can’t Quite Figure This Out?

There is a question on my mind today that I can’t quite figure out. Perhaps you can help me. I don’t understand why people ignore other people. I’m not talking about hiding two isles over in the grocery store making sure you go a way to avoid that person of interest. I am talking about a person who sits near you for a half hour or so, walks right by you up and down the hallway several times while not looking your way, smiling at you, or acknowledging you in any way. It would be understandable if it were done only once but it has become a regular behavior. My wife talked to this person and the only comment returned was a terse, matter-of-fact, no feeling of concern statement. It could have been computer generated… no personality included. And the point is we can’t remember anything we might have done to insult this person or get them all up in the air.

Image 5-21-17 at 5.51 PMNow, all of you know that I put some rather frank comments on Facebook awhile back about my political leanings and my love for Donald Trump. Some people didn’t take to kindly to that, including my brother. Some de-friended me on Facebook while others asked me to leave their group. It was a hot time. Some of my friends in the church we attend once in a while (a church we use to serve), are dyed in the wool republicans, with whom we have simply agreed that we are not going to talk politics and let it ruin a good and lasting friendship. We have too much invested in each other to care so little for each other. I do know this person responded to me rather negatively about this matter back then… but now, after all these months… as Disney says (if that is it) “Let It Go!” Holding on to this stuff will eat you alive… but you already know that.

The reason I say we need to let it go is that if we let things like this push us off into our own little philosophical corners to put up barricades and keep the enemy at bay… then Lord help us if something really seriously happens. Who will we have left to lean on.

As far as I know I have sought to support this family ever since the first day we met. I haven’t said anything bad about them. Haven’t always agreed with everything they have done… but my support is there. I would never do anything to hurt them. And yet to be almost demonstratively ignored… like I am carrying this huge sign saying “I am walking by you and ignoring you.” Or I am sitting near you but I am not going to acknowledge you, speak to you, just look over and around you. I am not going to even share the peace of Christ with you. That simply baffles me.

Here is the deal: after I write this piece I will be over this and you can ignore me all you want. It will not bother me again. I will be sad that you have chosen this very awkward path of expression (being educated and all that). All you will be doing is hurting yourself and the influence of your family. People will notice and do notice how you treat others and the little games you play. Because what you do to me, I bet you are already doing to others… unless it cost you some political points. When they ask me did you notice how they ignore you, I will answer: “You know, I haven’t noticed. Perhaps they have something on their mind?”

Good luck to you my friend. If you are reading this and know it is about you, let’s talk and work this out. We don’t need this.

Grace and Peace

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