Feedback on a Novel Outline

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Good morning, guys. Well, I am tying my hand at writing a novel. I’ve been taking an online Master’s class on Writing A Novel with James Patterson… yep, that James Patterson. His class is really inspiring with each class assigning us additional work to create better understanding and practical application. In the latest class James requires that we start working on the outline of our novel. Now, his idea of an outline is not the old numbers and bullets style, but writing scenes without polish. Writing 1,000 words a day – telling the story. It will be re-written many times over before it is ready to write in novel form. He has spent as much as four months writing an outline of a novel… the outline is of vital importance for him. So much so that he says “You should be able to sale a good outline to the publisher.” Wow, that is big.

The idea behind sending this to friends is to get your honest (but kind) opinion of the outline. Does it make you want to read more? If so, we may be on the right track. If not, it may need a serious re-think. In the reply to this blog section please give me your kind opinion about this – does it make you want to know more? Suggestions are welcome. Thanks guys for your time.¬†Sorry about the length of this… you know how preachers are????

An added bonus for me is that my grandson, Noah is helping me with this project. He is giving me story line advice, a younger, fresh worldview and someone to brainstorm with about the twist and turns of the story. His consultation is of great value.

The below link will allow you to see the outline in original format.

Draft (Composite) – Plot Synopsis

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