George Washington Preached

When we were serving the Triplett church in Mooresville there was a dear old man there named George Washington. George was 100% Cherokee Indian. He had taught brick laying at Nebraska University for many years. They loved him so much in the church he and Lucille attended out there that they put a sign on his pew in the balcony which read: “George Washington Slept Here.” After retiring, George and Lucille moved back home.

He, at one time, was on the Tribal Council at Cherokee and still his family has a home there. George was a very hard-working man. At 85 years of age he could still work circles around the rest of us younger guys. He couldn’t figure out why people were so lazy.

George was also a good church member… one who was there at every function. While we were there George got sick and started passing out in church. One Easter Sunday morning George passed out while the choir was singing “God So Loved The World.” I can’t tell you the impact that had on our congregation. As George fell over in the pew… we all were being reminded that God loves us so much that he even gave his Son in our behalf.

It wasn’t long after that George died. We had Chief Thomas and many people from Cherokee come and participate in the memorial service. George was a fine man, but I will never forget the sermon that he and God preached on that Easter Sunday.

Dear God, when we faint and fall over… when life is too much to handle…when all our coping skills aren’t enough… would you sing sweetly to us and remind us of how very much you love us each and every day.  Amen.

Grace and Peace


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