My Friend, JP Hines

When I was in Cone hospital, after having a heart attack, I was introduced to a very special nurse, J. P. Hines. J.P. is an old retired Navy corpsman who is working now in the 2900 (CCU step-down) section of the hospital. During my stay there we became good friends. I guess it was because we were both Navy (the Marines are part of the Navy even though we don’t like to admit it), and perhaps because we were both a little crazy and loved to laugh.

J.P. would always brighten my day and make me feel better. Even after by-pass surgery he was again my nurse for a couple of days. One day my heart started racing to about 320 beats per minute. He came running in the room and administered drugs to get my heart closer to rhythm… back to 160 anyway. That day our friendship was even more strengthened… because he helped me in a time of need.

A couple of years later J.P. had heart failure while on duty. As a matter of fact, he fell right beside the crash cart. His fellow nurses saved his life. Now he and I both have heart problems. We see each other almost regularly at Dr. Gamble’s office. I guess they want to get the problem patients over with on the same day.

I wanted to introduce you to J.P. because he is a friend of mine. Every time I am at Cone hospital (on first shift) I always stop in to see him, and to hear and tell the latest jokes. I am always a little disappointed when he is not on duty. I’m always excited to see him.

I hope you have a cherished friend who blesses your day with his/her presence and uplifts your spirit. Why not give them a call right now and tell him/her how much they mean to you.

Dear God, thank you for special friends who brighten up our days… for they always remind us that love comes from you. Amen.

Grace and Peace

Daily Devotions with Pastor Steve


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