“A Good Laugh”

I thank my God every time I remember you.
In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy….

Phil. 1:3-4a

You are not going to believe this. Sometimes I think I am not supposed to leave the house… or at least not be out in public. Today Shirley and I headed for Greensboro to pick up Noah and Abby, come home and let them help with decorating the Christmas tree, go out to eat with them and Stephen and Joy for Joy’s birthday dinner, and then head out for Tanglewood for the light show.

I want you to be proud of me that I got through lunch without incident. Then I made the BIG mistake of going with Shirley to Belk. She talked me into it by saying “I want to buy you a new sport coat.” Fell for it hook, line, and sinker. We are walking around in the men’s department when a couple of ladies came up to me and said: “Come here! What size are you? You look the same size as Jerry.” She did not believe I wore a 38 coat, a 40 or a 42. She had me try on this coat. Held the button in the front. Rubbed the shoulders and the back to see if the coat really fit. I am standing there almost speechless. Shirley is rolling in the floor. Finally these ladies thanked me for being the model and apologized. They laughed and walked off.

We looked some more bought a coat and as I was standing in the aisle some former members from Pleasant Garden UMC came up. It was Sharon, her daughter Crissy (whom I married to a fighter pilot – who is now deployed in Iraq) and Crissy’s two children. We are standing there talking, catching up on all the family stuff – Jimmy is now a Major and should be home in February… and as we are talking Morgan steps over to the rack of overcoats and pushes on the rack. Ever heard of the domino effect? Yep! About four racks of coats had hit the floor before we could even take a step. As Crissy is apologizing, and the clerk is picking up the coats, the two ladies from the former coat fitting episode came by and said: “It is his (my) fault he is bad.” They were joking, of course, and it was funny.

It was one of those days when you meet old friends, new acquaintances, and laugh at the circumstances of the day. Be thankful for those days

Dear God, I thank you for the things we can laugh at and the people we can laugh with. Especially today, I thank you for the love of a mom who can pick up her son and hug him when he has just made a big mess.  Amen.

Grace and Peace


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