Thanks for your best wishes

Since we are on the subject of birthdays… Noah’s 18th yesterday, I’m not sure I thanked you for remembering me. So, I want to say “Thank You” to all who took the time to remember my birthday back in September. Yes, you did overwhelm me… the cards, emails, telephone calls, and Facebook messages all joined in a chorus of smiles from your heart to mine.

Turning the big 72 brings its own set of smiles… My insurance agent tells me if I live to 79 I will lose all my insurance. In other words… die before the seven years are up. My body says, (with a Vincent Price voice) see how you can handle what I have in store for you… ha ha ha. My wife says “What did you say?” My grandchildren say “Aw Papaw, we thought you were 45?” My son says “Be careful… let me do that for you.” My friends ask “How are you doing?” and really want to know… cause they are going through the same aches and pains. One said “You are now officially two years into the “Old Geezer’s Club.”

I looked back and was amazed to see what was happening in 1947. It may help explain somethings about me???

I was two months premature and because of breathing problems was rushed to Baptist Hospital in Winston in order to survive.

Let’s see, alien landing, CIA, Cold War, Dead Sea Scrolls, Jackie Robinson, First computer bug, all add up to a Miracle on 34th Street… Yep, that’s me… spaced out at times, a bit buggy, somewhat secretive – especially with those choosing to stand opposed, belief in equality for all people, but my miracles have been on all streets and in all places.

Thank you for sharing your wishes with this spaced out old man… it really made my day even brighter!!!

Grace and Peace

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