Doing the Unexpected

Something magical once really happened in Cinderella’s Castle in Florida’s Disney World. Children and parents were crowded into a room waiting for Cinderella’s appearance. She made a dramatic entrance and the children clamored around her.

Whoever hired the young woman to play the role of Cinderella found a remarkable match. She was perfect. Flawless skin; beautiful face; bright eyes and smile; and, she was costumed exquisitely. She looked as if the cartoon character had come to life.

The children wanted to touch her and have her wave her wand over their heads. She smiled down at them and the room was electric with excitement.

Electric for everyone except two boys, apparently brothers, who stood next to a far wall, away from the other children. The older boy held the hand of the younger, much smaller boy, whose body and face were disfigured.

The look in the young boy’s eyes was that of yearning. How he wanted to be with Cinderella. How he wanted to be a part of the other children. But he held back, probably out of fear. He had likely been hurt too many times before by children who didn’t understand.

But unexpectedly, Cinderella turned and saw the boys. And she must have noticed the longing in the little one’s face, for she slowly made her way through the throng, inching toward the far wall.

Then something magical happened. Cinderella did the most remarkable thing — something I’m sure she never learned in Cinderella Training Class. She bent down and kissed the little boy’s face. He smiled a big and beautiful smile. Cinderella kissed him!

Could anything be so wonderful? Cinderella kissed him. Out of all of the children in that room, Cinderella kissed him. No matter what happens to him, he’ll always have that — Cinderella kissed him.

And when he looks into the mirror he will always see the face that Cinderella kissed looking back. Who knows… for months, for years, maybe forever stings and barbs of life will hurt a little less. And he will stand a bit taller and feel a little more special. He’ll never forget that… something magical happened… the day Cinderella kissed him.

And so, we pray: O Lord, help us be like Cinderella and kiss the wounds and hurts of the world that all who are wounded and hurting will hurt a little less. Amen.

Grace and Peace

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