Abby Got Her License

July 13, 2020

Oh happy day… Abby got her driver’s license. A mixture of excitement and sadness. Excited that she did this… sad that this is just another reminder that she is growing up. We always want to hold and rock and tickle our grandchildren. But they grow up… like they are supposed to… and we old grandparent have to get over it.

I remember way back when I got my license. We didn’t have driver’s Ed except our dad taking us to a big parking lot or an old dirt road and showing us how to drive. Back then the questions on the written test included questions having to do with the right of way between us an another chariot. Does the chariot on the right have the right a way. The answer has to do with how many spears are on the chariot and if they are royalty.

I took my road test in an old 56 Mercury with bad brakes. And one point in our little journey around the streets of Madison the officer said “Slam on the brakes.” The bad brakes didn’t stop the car sufficiently fast enough for him… so I failed. We had to come back once the brakes were repaired. This time when he said “Slam on the brakes” he almost hit his head on the windshield. I passed. The big deal for us… back in the day was the dreaded parallel parking. Most failed on that one.

Abby has had classroom training as well as driving with an instructor (and other students) for quite some time. She also had to get in a certain amount of driving with her parents. It is so neat… she enters her name in the I- phone program each time she drives and it records how far she drives and what time of day. She has requirements about miles driven both day and evening. This program records it and lets the DMV know when she has met the required amount. That is so cool.

We are so proud of Abby in all that she does. Not only did she get her driver’s license, she is academically second in her class, has been an ambassador every year starting with middle school, is in the county and state chorus, acted in Les Mis, played on the soccer, swim, and tennis team. She is just all-around smart and involved in her school.

Congratulations to our favorite granddaughter for always doing her best.

Isn’t that what we want to hear one day: “Well done good and faithful servant.” Abby has also followed in her mother’s footsteps of being a faithful and dedicated member of the church. I hope we all will be able to say the same thing and hear those words: “Well done…”

Grace and Peace

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