The Good Ol’ Days

Remembering the old days…

Of all the weeks of the summer we chose this week… the week the hurricane is forecasted to hit Myrtle Beach. Well, there is another, more important reason we chose this week… August 7th will be our 55th wedding anniversary. We didn’t get to spend it at Myrtle Beach mainly because I was in the Marines and my Commanding Officer would only give me the weekend off. So, bright and early, 5:30am Monday I had to be back in the barracks ready for duty.

But we have always loved Myrtle Beach. I have often said that when we die we’ll go to Myrtle Beach. Seems reasonable. For those of you who were in our little gang (back in Greensboro) we remember coming to this place each summer… even as we drifted apart over the years… it remains an almost sacred place. It is hard to replace the peacefulness of sitting out on the balcony (11 stories up) feeling the breeze, hearing the waves crashing against the shore… seeing the moonlight on the water… just remembering the old times… when Wendover was two lanes, from the Bore and Castle to Hot Shopppe, What-A-Burger, walk up McDonalds, Guilford Dairy Bar with their Banana Splits and hot dogs, our first drivers license and our first traffic tickets, not to mention all our classmates and teachers at Page High School… to Myrtle Beach.

This will not be some heavy theological treaties but just to remind us that it just may be helpful to sit back, close your eyes, relax, and remember some of the good ol’ times… and be thankful for all the people who have crossed our path through all these years. We have all taken different paths, had many different experiences and lives. Allow yourself the luxury of remembering. Perhaps, just perhaps a smile will come to your face and maybe a warm thankfulness will fill your heart. If that happens… you will be blessed.

Thanks for being part of our memories.

Grace and Peace

PS: Shirley asks us all to reply to this post by adding all the other places we remember… like Antons, Janice Theater, the old Sears building, Prego Guys, the shag, nettletons and weejuns… no prizes will be awarded except the joy of sharing our memories. Send this post on to all your friends who do not receive it.

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