Hi Guys,

Just in case you have heard about it… I wanted to share the news with you. The wild look guy on the right has just published a revised book (on the left) about some of what happen with the old Phoenix Project of the Vietnam 60’s rising from the ashes in today’s world. All of this is fiction, but not unrealistic in the crazy world we live in today. It is set in 2024 but I hope it never happens even in 3024.

You can purchase this book from amazon simply by clicking on it’s image on the right of your screen (if you have gone to my blog page). If not there just type in the title in amazon’s search bar. I really appreciate your support in this endeavor.

It is just an ordinary book, using ordinary language, telling a simple story of intrigue, courage and betrayal. By the way, your kids and grandkids can read it. No language used that is inappropriate for them to read. I didn’t want my grandkids asking me why I used foul language in my book.

I had to stay true to my inner self.



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