Find Yourself In Retirement?

Steve & Shirley

Steve & Shirley

When asking people what to write about someone suggested writing about how to handle retirement? WOW… I don’t retire until after Sunday. I don’t have a clue on how to handle it. But people have been giving me advice. Remember at my roast Glenn said I would find out in retirement that I have too much wife. I am finding that out already. (Excuse me, I, Shirley, may find out that I have too much husband. Maybe we can pretend to be newlyweds and CAN’T have too much of each other.) Actually we have spent more time together in preparing for this move than we have in any of the rest. Some have said take the first six months and travel everywhere we have ever wanted to go. We can’t do that because we care for our grandchildren. We may take day trips to do some ancestry research and reconnect with family. But that will be about it. Our first six months to a year will probably be taken up in digging out of super hoarder-ville.

Perhaps we need to first come up with some understanding of what we want from retirement. Many people I know, after a few months, volunteer at the hospital, food bank, Urban Ministries, or some other place where they can take some free time and make it meaningful time. I have been doing some thinking and have come to know that one thing I do not want to lose in retirement is a meaningful, purposeful life. I want to continue to matter.

So, I am going to find something that brings me meaning… something that matters to me and others… something that will bring them meaning, as well.

I do plan on fishing, having fun, sleeping when I want to, exercising and living healthier. I plan on relaxing and taking things easier. But the meaning has to be there or the other stuff will lose their significance… and so will I.

As you approach retirement find out what you want to be… what you need to be. Don’t lose yourself in retirement… find yourself in retirement and you will enjoy each day more and remain more alive as long as you live.

Grace and Peace


How about sharing what you may want to do in retirement. It just may give the rest of us some really good ideas.

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