Moving Aches and Pains

Steve & Shirley

  Steve & Shirley

Yesterday afternoon, after getting home from Junaluska, Stephen and Joy and the kids called to say they had the trailer and would meet us in Winston to help move some of the bigger stuff. We spent several hours loading the trailer and filling both cars with boxes we had already packed.

We finished up close to nine last night. (That means we got the boxes in the house – a house which now resembles a house that would appear on “Entreme Hoarders.”)

This morning we bounded out of bed (bounded now means very slowly, with creaking noises and groans we fell out of bed and laid on the floor till we regain consciousness enough to crawl to the nearest chair and pull ourselves up.) After about an hour of waking up (which also consisted of a lot of groaning), putting on clothes – checking each other to make sure we had on the proper clothes and that every thing was covered up. After passing the test we headed for Winston to start packing again.

We spent the day packing the kitchen and the bathrooms, plus gathering a few other items from many different places around the house. At 5:30 some people came to pick up items they had purchased 23 days before at Shirley’s Garage Sale. It took them a couple hours to load the furniture and other items they had purchased.

Around 7:00pm we headed for home, ordered pizza, and am now getting ready to run through the rain room and crash in that sweet goodnight… knowing that tomorrow morning we start it all over again. This time there will be pillows in the floor beside the bed.

Would you believe it if I said “I really don’t like moving… and I really don’t like it a lot.” I should have taken the hint this morning when Shirley turned the wrong way? But if I had, we would not have accomplished all we did today.

Stay tuned… perhaps tomorrow will be better and we will accomplish much more.

Grace and Peace


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