Saint Peggy

134657_10151311047841111_2010671885_o I have served in the United Methodist Church for 40 years. Every year has presented itself with many opportunities and challenges. Each church has had its wide variety of Saints and sinners. Of course, we are all sinners and some are more saintly than others.

I have been blessed to have served churches that were filled with Saints, people who were always willing to give, sacrifice, do the hard thing in order that others may experience the love of Jesus Christ. Every church – every church has blessed me by allowing me to work alongside these Saints.

You could always tell who the Saints were in every church. They were the ones who were more understanding, more quick to forgive, more eager to be involved, less put out by what seemed to be failures to others, more positive in their approach to all situations, more prayerful, more dedicated, and more loving in every way. They were the ones who seem to live on a higher plane, closer to God than us ordinary Christian people.

Last night I learned of the passing of one of those great saints of the church, Peggy Sizemore. If there ever was a saint it was Peggy. She was a hard worker, constant supporter, forever giver, who tirelessly gave her all to help the church be a better place. I will always remember Peggy’s smile and laughter, her great humor and her devotion to the Lord. She was always busy, always going, always helping.

At our church we had something called the pumpkin patch each year. We sold thousands of pumpkins over the years. People would stop by, look through the pumpkins, get a warm welcome from the patch workers, receive a little candy, buy a little pumpkin, and go on their way having been touched by the love of God. Peggy led the pumpkin patch for many years. It was a fundraiser for the before and after school program, and other missions of the church.

Yes I will remember her for the pumpkin patch. But most of all I will remember her as a kind, sweet, devoted Christian saint who took the time to allow Christ to live through her and touch the lives of all of us who came into her presence. Thank you God for your St. Peggy and the many ways she touched our lives and made us better. Amen.

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  1. This was a wonderful article on Peggy. She was certainly a Saint for all that she did and was.

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