Step by Step to the Greatest Generation

ImageYesterday I received a phone call informing me of the death of Richard Shutt. He had been in declining health for some years now, especially after the death of his wife, Shirley. I reminisced with his son for a few moments and we said our goodbyes.

I sat there for a few moments more thinking about Richard and R.J. and all those Shutt boys growing up and becoming the people they are today. Richard and R.J. were part of what we call the “Greatest Generation.” These were people who pulled together during the toughest of times to make this country great. They gave their all to see that we fulfilled all our obligations and kept our word. They were also the ones we talk about when we use the terms like “his word is his bond” meaning you really didn’t need contracts written down… just take him at his word… it is as good as gold.

These are the people that built a great community, nation and world based on honesty, integrity, and hard work. They pulled together in war and peace with everyday, down to earth, practical thinking and caring actions.

Richard and R.J. were men of great faith and influence… but that greatness didn’t come overnight nor was it awarded lightly. It was earned through a lifetime of integrity, honest compassion for and work in the community. They cared and worked to build a better place for all people to live. Day by day, step by step they grew their faith and legacy in such an honest way that people started looking to them for leadership. The Shutt’s never let us down.

I am honored to have known such men as these. Just being around them, talking with them, learning from them helped to make me a better person. There are more generations of the Shutts coming along… step by step, day by day following in the footsteps of the greatest generation.

2 Responses

  1. Well are sending our sympathy and love. Even though as didn’t know Mr Shutt in person, we knew he had to be special, because those quality traits show through . Blessings.

  2. Beautiful words to describe a beautiful person. Indeed Richard was a special breed!

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