Good Night Newman!

autocorrect failureShirley and I are so fortunate to have two wonderful grandchildren. They are funny, smart, creative and tolerant of their old grandparents. They have even gone so far as to text us on occasion. The other night Noah got a taste of what autocorrect failure can do to your text. He and his Mamaw had been texting for a few minutes. It was time for him to go so he signs off by typing “Good Night Mamaw!” However, the words that came through (after autocorrect did its thing) were: “Good Night Newman!” Feeling like she was on an episode of Seinfeld, Shirley responds: “WHAT?” Noah writes back and explains what has taken place. Now, his nick name is Newman. So is Shirley’s.

My brother and I recently had a good laugh about autocorrect. Shirley and I have had our laughs about all the stuff that comes out differently than we typed. This morning I spent a bit reading through some autocorrect failures posted on the internet. Some of them almost caused me to go blind they were so funny and I laughed so hard.

Perhaps we need autocorrect failure to give us a laugh and have us not to take ourselves so seriously.

Good Night Newman

a Grieving HeartYou will notice at the bottom of the header (above) are a list of my books. I have added the last one so you can order The Grieving Heart in paperback form. All the other books are eBooks. I hope that you will take the opportunity to read these and I hope they will help to bring you comfort and grace in time of need.

Please also take the time to leave a good review with Amazon. After today, these books have been published in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan.

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