A Few Things on My Mind

A few things on my mind I wanted to share with you today. This morning in church we learned that Becca, our pastor’s daughter, will be leaving tomorrow for a four month study in England. Wow, what a big step for her and a worry-filled time for any parent. I can’t imagine my child being that far away and I can’t get to them right away. This is one of those do you really trust God moments. Please remember them in your prayers.

The second is another prayer request: Dana was a little 8 year old girl diagnosed with cancer back when I was their pastor many years ago. She has fought this battle against cancer all the way through grade, high school and college. Now she is 27 and on the 15 of September will be heading for Boston for some new treatment. She has been at Duke working with their best people and now she goes to be with the best of Boston. Let’s all pray that this will be the wining plays for the battle against this cancer. Hang tough, Dana, we are all with you.

There are many others on our prayer list and on the prayer list of all churches who need us to be there with our thoughts, prayers and presence. Don’t forget them. Walk with them and hold them close. They need us and we need to participate in their journey. We are family and we all walk together.

Speaking of being family, I continue to hear of church families that are going through blow-ups, splits and just downright fighting. It really hurts my heart to know this goes on. When I was in ministry  gave the church I served everything I had to help the people know that there is only one side in the church, and that is God’s side. We pastors have to remind ourselves that we need to be on God’s side – not God on our side.


I found this sign on Facebook the other day and realized how much it applies to all of us, especially the church when we are going through difficult times. Have you ever thought about it this way?



T – Is it TRUE?

H – Is it HELPFUL?



K – Is it KIND?

I saw this and realized that I’ve needed this advice on occasion. There have been times when I just needed to keep my mouth closed and my thoughts to myself… I wasn’t helping anyone – not even the church.

If your church is going through some difficulty how about writing down this THINK poster and seek to practice it in every circumstances. I will be willing to bet that your church and your own life will begin to heal and come alive again.

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