The Presidential Debate Model Has Run Its Course

Presidential Debate???

Last night I sorta watched (some of) this long, long line of people from the Republican party wanting to be president, try to put one another down – and get people to believe their agenda. It reminded me of the old argument amongst kids: “My dad can beat up your dad!”

I am not sure there is a need for thing named a debate anymore, certainly not with 11 people? What does it accomplish? Do we really learn about the candidate and what they really believe about the issues of the day and what it would take to become a good president? But I am a different sort of duck. I don’t like to hear or see arguments where candidates try to get one up over one another. When the so-called news programs get candidates to argue among one another, talk over one another, put one another down, and force on the people their talking points… when that stuff comes on I TURN THE CHANNEL.

I have always enjoyed the Jim Lehrer and Robert MacNeil PBS News Hour approach of news broadcasting – along with today’s Charlie Rose. They sit down with a person (candidate) and ask tough, thoughtful, meaningful, pertinent questions and allow – actually allow the person to answer unfettered by another candidate jumping up and down. I have always preferred the interview style of finding out about the candidate rather than the talk you down style (in which no one learns anything).

The CNN Morning shows were talking about who got in the best zingers – so it wasn’t about anything that matters to voters. They also brought in a so-called body language expert to strategize on what they thought the way a persons hands held the podium really meant… reported who has more Twitter followers this morning… and the control of Carly Fiorina of her face… are you kidding me???? CNN has chosen to predict this debate as Carly night – really!!! Didn’t see it. I will look to Charlie Rose for an unbiased approach to the news – which I believe is what a reporter should do. The questions this morning on the “News” programs (talking head shows) is who won the debate, who gain points, who looked better? Shouldn’t the question really be about the issues America is facing and how these people seek to meet the challenges????

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to listen to the plans a person has as they run for president kinda like the old FDR Fireside Chats or listen as a candidate answers tough questions without the threat of someone jumping down their throat. Now to be sure, there would be tough questions and accountability for answers given and records made… but all done with respect. This way we really find out more about the person and their plans to lead the country. The debate showed Carly Fiorinia as mean spirited as much as Donald Trump is out of control. The real losers last night were the American people. Other than Dr. Carson, the people of America were short-changed by a really badly performed “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

I hope we all will look past the “debate” to try to find out who these people really are and what they really believe… unless you want to elect someone on soundbites and gotcha moments.

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you, Betty. Hope all is well.

  2. Great analysts, Steve! My thoughts exactly.

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