Jesus Moments

thHave you ever had one of those nights when your head hit the pillow so hard that it started  your mind to spinning? Seems like they come more often these days. Up to the bathroom at regular intervals of about two hours (if I am lucky). Take that sip of water on the way back to bed and think… think…. think… and think some more.

I am (at least in my mind and in theory) working on a different kind of book than the previous five I’ve published. And this one keeps spinning in my mind when I should be sleeping. The other night I had the introduction and the first two chapters written in my mind. I should have grabbed the computer and typed it out but I continued to just toss and turn. Now I have to re-think what was in the old grey matter and put it on paper.

This new book is about the “Servant Life” of a pastor inspired by the phrase coined many years ago by my friend, Reverend Ralph Eanes… “Jesus Moments.” I just love that phrase and what it meant to Ralph. To tell the truth I really do miss Ralph. He was one of those happy, creative, funny, Jesus loving people you just wanted to be around. He has a way of taking the simplest of things and turning them into situations, circumstances of conditions where Jesus was so real that you could feel His presence in your midst… it was life changing. He could see Jesus in our midst even when we had no clue what was happening. He looked for Jesus Moments.

We need Ralph and many, many more like him in the world today… people who are Jesus moments themselves… who bring about love and kindness wherever they go…. change the world one step, one person, one situation at a time.

Would you join me in enlisting in the membership of life changers, people lovers, Jesus people who seek out Jesus moments wherever you go? And would you participate by allowing God to change the world through us… living through us in Jesus moments?

Thank you Ralph – you old Tarheel – for continuing to make a difference even in retirement.

Grace and Peace


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