Thank You For….

IMG_1533Today Shirley and I were out chauffeuring the grandkids around to all their needed places… picking up Noah from Driver’s Ed, Abby from VBS, taking both to eye appointments, Abby on to piano lessons and Noah back to our house.

In the midst of that Shirley and I went by Chick-Fil-A and found out they will not offer cold slaw for their chicken sandwiches anymore… something to do with variety, which really means kids don’t like slaw so we are saving money by not having to make it. That is the only thing that makes their sandwiches good… No more Chick-Fil-A for us… Sunday or no Sunday.

On the way back to the eye doctor we stopped for gas. As I was finishing up a lady in the car behind us said to me . . . out of the blue.  . . “Thank you for your service.” I was caught off guard taking a couple of seconds to know what she was talking about. I have a Disabled Veteran’s license plate on my car… this is for those Vets who are 100% disabled due to service connected reasons. I acknowledged her statement with a surprised “Thank you very much” got in the car and drove off feeling very good.

I thought about this and realized that this lady didn’t have to say a word. She could have noticed the plate and ignored it. She could have just ignored me. She could have done a lot of things but she chose to recognize someone and lift them up.

Perhaps that is a good example for us all… find a way to lift up someone, perhaps for very little reason at all. I know I won’t be calling Chick-Fil-A and thanking them for pulling cold slaw from their menu. I’ll leave that for some other day. But for now, I am going to follow that lady’s example and intentionally go out of my way to say something nice, do some small thing to lift up someone I don’t even know. Join me won’t you?

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