FACEBOOK, I’m Out of Here!!!

7651-facebook-like-facebookI have asked, pleaded on several occasions through this blog and on FaceBook for folks to stop using it as a forum to attack one another, speak ill of anyone, and stop passing on false and demeaning statements about those running for President of the United States.

To some degree it has subsided… that is until the conventions started. They seemed to bring out the worst in us and we tended to express our lesser selves. Even my relatives and friends continue to make all sorts of comments we should keep to ourselves.

FaceBook seems to encourage us to be gossips, people who will and do say just about anything we want… without regard to its correctness or the audience that could possibly read this material.

It seems that we want to continue in our downward FaceBook spiral. I simply cannot be involved in this any longer. It brings out the worst in me and that is not the me I have been called to be. Therefore, I am ending my FaceBook adventure. Shirley will continue to post thousands of pictures of cats, puppies and recipes each day. I will continue to post my blog through FaceBook… but that is it.

FaceBook… I am out of here!!!!

Grace and Peace


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