What A Special Time

swim1I must admit that I approached the Olympics this year with some skepticism and low expectations. After all, I had seen the reports of the filthy ocean we were warned to to swim in or open our mouths. They were reporting about many of the venues not being ready to hold the Olympics. My major concern was the thought that this would be the perfect place for some nut with a bomb to kill a lot of people – I mean thousands.

Well, thank goodness I was wrong – my fears were not realized – especially the terror part.

What we did get to see was young, dedicated, sacrificing, talented athletes compete to the very best of their abilities. Some won medals. Some did not. All won our appreciation for giving so much to their sport and country.

I think the one sport that really got to me was gymnastics. We witnessed Simeon Biles tumble through the air as if gravity did not affect her like it does us; walk, flip, spin and jump on a 4” balance beam I could not even walk on if it were on the floor. These girls were absolutely amazing… and we are so very proud of them.

Of course my second love was basketball. I still remember those years when we were limited to college athletes while the rest of the world used professional players. Well, since the playing field has been made even we have done quite well (men and women). Men won their third Gold Medal in a row while the women I believe have won six in a row.

I couldn’t – still can’t – believe how fast Bolt is… laughing as he crosses the line. Nor could I believe the little lady won blew the 10,000M World Record out of the stadium. We were all touched as one lady runner stopped to help a runner from another country who had fallen. Now, that was very special… and really what we are seeking to accomplish in these games – bring the world together to see how much alike we really are.

What can we say about the swimming except WOW!!! Phelps was his usual superman in the water. But Ledecky made them have to use a wide angle camera to be able to see the other people racing with her. Someone needs to check to see if she didn’t have a motor under the water.

There were a few hick ups… but all in all things went very well. A special thanks to all who made this such a special time. Hopefully, all people thought a little about being under the loving arms of Christ, The Redeemer.

Grace and Peace


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