Breaks My Heart

syria-airstrikeI have been captured by the picture of this little boy and cannot get this image – and all that it could mean – out of my mind. It is so haunting… so inhumane, so descriptive of the capacity we have in the human spirit to do great harm even to the most innocent of God’s children. It is beyond me how anyone can see this little boy and allow such evil to continue or participate in that evil. If we see this picture and do nothing I must conclude that we do NOT have a heart.

This past week a 12-14 year old blew himself up at a wedding in Turkey and in the process intentionally killed 50 some people… 22 of whom were children. Now here is the deal; they did this evil in the name of God. That is so mixed up… so up side down… so not God. It doesn’t matter if they pulled their sacred book out of the Ark… it is STILL NOT GOD!!!

In the picture of this little boy you can’t really see his face all that well. If you look close you could see your own son, your grandson… someone you care deeply about. Close your eyes and imagine the pain and fear this little one is going through. Tell me his life is going to remain untouched by anything close to PTSD… he is just going to smile all through his life as if no one has ever tried to kill him. You do know his brother died in this same action?

So, what do we do? How do we help? How do we effect change for the good? I think at least part of it… and a big part at that… is what James Howell mentioned in his sermon Sunday; we have got to spend more time with God… so much that we start to allow change in ourselves… change so clear that others see Jesus in you and want to live a life of peace and brotherhood. Beyond that be a peacemaker and not a peace breaker… a healer and not a divider… lift up others and not put them down… come together with love.

Grace and Peace


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