Taken To The Woodshed

norman-rockwell-ftrWell, I thought I was doing so well… speaking the truth, revealing that which has been hidden, bringing light on that which has been so dark and mysterious. Some people agree with my findings while others think that I have wandered down wrong and forbidden paths.

Many of you accept my writings for what they are… a struggle in the darkness seeking to find light for the world, the community, but especially for myself. To that end a couple of people, Linda and Mike, took me to the woodshed this week… over the writing about Elizabeth Warren being told to sit down and shut up. I tried to explain that I was so frustrated with the outcome of the election that I wanted to just quit involvement in all things political. There are some of us who were just giddy with excitement about Mr. Trump winning while others, like my wife, spent the entire day after election in tears of mourning and disappointment. Mike seemed to be speaking from a Republican heart while Linda was disappointed in me not seeing that the world needed to come together on one side… not divided as we have become more and move violently over the last twenty years. I agree there should only be one side and that should be God’s side… but who of us is qualified to define the right and the wrong?

Today the sermon James preached took me even deeper into the woodshed… so deep the only light I could see was the light of Jesus Christ. I admit that I am allowing my eyes to see the wrong things and my hands to be hard at work accomplishing that which is not of peace and harmony. I try to do that which is right but end up lusting after that which is not of God. Yes, my hands need to be cut off and my eyes poked out… because they lead me to that which blocks my vision of God and the Godly things of this world… and put me hard at work doing that which keeps God from more fully living in my heart and life.

James, you are right… I need more of Jesus in my life… day by day and moment by moment. Come and walk with me Lord Jesus. Guide me along your paths of reconciliation and peace. Mike and Linda, and all the other Mikes and Lindas out there need to include me in your prayers… that I may be a person of peace and  brotherhood… who looks for the ways of forgiveness and restoration.

Yes, I know there are many examples of peace and harmony in my books which I often times seem to forget. Sometimes we all forget how to be peacemakers… perhaps I need a refresher course from my own writings. You will find these examples on line:

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Books-A-Million on Line

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