Thrive Tribe Step Two

10418846_10152630208560797_4156375463449326414_nOur first step into finding a place where we can thrive in becoming the person God wants us to become is believe, thinking, speaking and acting in a positive manner… that no mater what the issue we are to act in such a manner that after the conversation is over we remain brothers and sisters who have come to a deeper appreciation for each other’s point of view.

The second step is probably going to bring us greater fulfillment and a deeper sense of purpose: “It is we change the world through one act of random kindness at a time.” In my church life – my role as a pastor in the United Methodist Church I have sought out and accomplished the sharing of this grace. I must admit that it uplifts the giver and the receiver if we walk humbly in this role. However, if you walk into this seeking to use it as some sort of religious trick it may just backfire… and blow everybody to pieces.

With my past experience I was looking forward to using this as a tool to bring about peace and reconciliation. However, it seems that this has already backfired. I must admit up front that I was doing ok until this past Sunday when the Trump people sent this Stephen Miller guy out to blast all the talk shows with this statement: “The President’s powers here are beyond question.” That is so 1939 Germany… right in the middle of the night of the long knives… that I found it very difficult, almost impossible to speak a word of grace… not that I am above it or better… just that it seems that these people are making it almost impossible for grace to thrive.

So, my friends, I really do need your help. Republicans and Democrats alike need to send me ideas on how we all can come together in grace, live in grace and move forward in grace. How can we offer up random acts of kindness when we are being shot at before we even get to the church? How do we speak the gracious word when another lie is being discovered as part of the fabric of the Trump political cloth? So let’s join together to develop a plan to be kind, forgiving, honest and healing.

Thank you for making this journey with me.

Over the years I have written about the grace of God many times. God’s grace has seen me through some mighty tough spots… giving me strength in my weakest moments. In face, grace has been my theme. The majority of my writings has been about grace… the free and unmerited love of God which blesses us in our faith journey. I invite you to search out grace in my works on line:

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