Carrying That Burden in the Wrong Direction

Yesterday Shirley and I were at Target. Beside Target is Pet Smart and on down the way is Harris Teeter. I have my usual position manned and ready – that is sitting in the car waiting for Shirley to attack every aisle in the store – taking two hours to do what could have been done in five minutes… but some people have to see everything in the store and catalogue what has been moved to where in the store.

I have a steady hand on my chore – watching people in the parking lot passing by and wondering why they are wearing whatever it is that they are wearing. All of a sudden, I notice this young couple – man and woman. She is certainly in charge because he is following her carrying this above average – huge pumpkin. I mean it is so big that he has to change carrying positions several times… above the shoulder… back to the chest… till it slips a little into the stomach area… back to the shoulder. He is doing all he can to keep from dropping it.

Here is the funny part (depending on if you are the observer or the carrier). They have walked all the way from Harris Teeter, passed Pet Smart, and are now almost to Target. Now this is a good hundred yards. Just then the leader (the lady) remembers that she parked in front of Harris Teeter. They turn and head out into the parking lot, moving about five rows back toward Harris Teeter till they find their car. Poor guy was just about ready to drop this thing… along with Halloween.

I know this was a huge pumpkin, but it probably would have fit (sideways) into one of those little baskets on wheels from Harris Teeter they call SHOPPING CARTS. It would have made his job much easier and his blood pressure a little lower.

Have you ever noticed they we try to carry huge burdens, much like this pumpkin, all by ourselves… no carts to ease the load… and in the wrong direction? Many times we, too, are almost at the point of dropping the whole thing… just giving up… when a new direction is given, and some relief is in sight.

I wish I could say that this strong man came to this young man’s rescue, taking the pumpkin to his car… but there was no strong man. There was an epiphany from the young woman who finally realized that the car – the relief – was in another direction. That is what we need to know at times – especially the times when we try to carry our own heavy burdens all by ourselves. 

Perhaps if we would stop… take the time to listen… we just might hear God saying “The direction to wholeness is the other way. If you will take it, I will walk with you and give you the strength to carry this big ole orange ball”.

Lord, help me to be reminded of your strength to help me carry my burdens everytime I put my hands on the handle of a shopping cart.

Grace and Peace


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