Those Allen Funt Moments

“Behold, I have set before you an open door which no one can shut….”
Revelation 3:8

Have you ever had the feeling that Allen Funt with his hidden camera was hiding around the corner filming you as you were unknowingly caught in their trap? I have felt that way on many occasions, especially today.

I remember one day at Whitaker Rehab Center at Forsyth Hospital. I am on my way to the elevator to visit Maxine Hart on the third floor. I walk up to the elevator, push the “up” button and wait for the elevator to appear. In just a few seconds the door opens, I step in and push the #3 button. The door moves to about one inch of closing all the way, and opens completely. I again push the #3 button. Again the door comes within an inch of closing and then opens all the way. The third time I push the #3 button. For the third time the door comes within an inch of closing and for the third time it opens all the way.

Yes, I am scratching my head, looking around, wondering what in the world is going on. I get off the elevator, push the up button and (you are right) the elevator door closes all the way and the elevator goes to the third floor – while I am standing outside the elevator – in the hallway – looking to see if anyone had been watching all of this – or was there anyone rolling around on the floor laughing. With no one in sight in any direction I press the “up” button once more. This time the other elevator appears, the door opens and there is a maintenance man in there with his cart of tools and a ladder. I wasn’t about to tell him what I had just witnessed – I think for fear that he might tell someone who would escort me to the padded rooms.

What really worried me most was that from Whitaker Center I was headed for the jail to visit Mark. If this was happening in the hospital – the rehab section – there is no telling what could happen in the jail. (Only problem at the jail was a 35-minute wait to see Mark). I wasn’t locked up….

It wasn’t Allen Funt waiting around the corner watching me scratching my head in wonder. It was Jesus. A Jesus who was saying even when strange things happen I am with you. I need to be reminded of that, and apparently Jesus is hard at work reminding me quite often.

Lord, thanks for allowing me to laugh at myself. But thank you even more for being there when those Allen Funt moments happen to remind me that you are always there with me.  Amen.

Grace and Peace

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