An Unexpected Visit

The other day, the day we hoped to be leaving Hotel California (Cone Hospital) in walked one my cousins. We grew up together in small visits and summer stays with our Mama Martin. They lived next door. I remember on Sundays we would always play the game in season. Football in the Vaughn’s side yard. Baseball in the field across the street, and basketball after they put up a goal. Four boys who always meant a great deal to me. Jimmy, Billy, Kenny and Ricky… great group of guys. Then you add Lonnie and Johnny and you have a fabulous group of kids.

Kenny Sechrist walked into my room with a smile on his face and hope in his heart. We talked about several things: Duke (he is an Iron Duke), family, ancestors, the VA in Kernersville, and my other cousin’s back problems. He was a very welcomed surprise… and put a smile on my face.

Each year in December we have a Sechrist/Martin reunion. It is so good to get to see them each year. I have to add three ladies Peggy Sechrist and Alicia Martin Cassidy (cousins) and Ethel Sechrist (wife of a cousin) who is the same as a cousin. All these people are very special to me even though we don’t see each other that often. They keep me in touch with Madison-Mayodan: The church, the towns, the people and many wonderful memories.

Ken’s visit said he cared. But more than that it said maybe I need to get out of my cocoon and make some visits myself. Not only to my my cousins but others who may need to hear that I care.

And so I pray: Lord, I do thank you for having such people as cousins and friends from the past who lift me up and let me know they care by their presence. Help me to take up that same path – visiting those who may need to know that someone cares. Amen.

My brother, Phil had bladder surgery today to remove four tumors. They could not surgically remove them. However they burned them out, filled the bladder with chemo, drained the bladder after about an hour, and sent him home. He is not a happy camper right now. Remember him and Emily in your prayers.

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