I was watching the news reports and interviews with this lady in the Bahamas who was so emotional she could hardly breathe. She kept saying: “It was indescribable. No one can tell you what it was like. It was like seeing hell.” I am surprised this lady didn’t have a heart attack. Being asked what do you need, everyone says: “We need everything… from A to Z, cause we have lost everything. We need help. We need help.” It is estimated there are 75,000 people in need in Bahama right now. The Bahamian health minister reports that the death toll has risen to 30, but he expects it to rise too much greater numbers.

I can’t seem to get these pictures out of my mind. They are, indeed, most indescribable. I just stare at them in shocking amazement that such destruction can happen… where nothing is left. And I can’t imagine wind gusts up to 250 mph… How do you escape that? It does my heart good to see our Coast Guard flying those life saving choppers, taking those in the most medical need to emergency medical care on the main island. They are making many trips each day… and saving many lives. Semper Paratus!

A man in Florida (who wants to remain anonymous) spent almost $50,000 on generators and supplies for the Bahamas saying: “I couldn’t just sit here and do nothing when I can get up and do something.”

Samaritan’s Purse is sending planes to the Bahamas taking hospital supplies and equipment to meet the critical medical needs.

The famous Italian chef, Massimo Bottura, is taking food to the Bahamas to feed those in need at no cost to them. He states: “It is absolutely necessary to give back some of the luck in the life you’re living. So feeding the poor is about giving back. It is what we need. We need dreams. If you don’t dream and you don’t dream big, you know, you cannot change the world.”

My heart is so warmed by these giving, caring people stepping up to make a difference. They dream big… and if we all join them with our little bit… altogether it is the big dream which will change the world.

The devastation is indescribable… the way back is indescribable… but the love of God in God’s people is more indescribable than all the rest. The biggest dream of all… the one that will change the world is God’s people joining hearts to care for God’s people all over the world.

And so, I Pray: Lord, you know the need, the hurt, the emptiness and lostness these people feel. Take us, who claim to be your people, and use us to dream big and lift up the needy people of the world. Put that burning desire in our hearts which pushes us to be the Samaritain in the world today. Get us up and use us. Amen

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