The 500 Pound Gorilla

I have been remembering some of the tests I have gone through over the years. They usually come in the morning – way before breakfast – I have to go through one of those yearly things a person with heart problems has to face, a stress test. I want you to know they named that test correctly… it brings on great stress as I face the test and as I go through the test itself. 

I didn’t fear them as much back when I was doing the walking stress tests. Back then I was walking three-miles every day. But more heart problems caused them to stop me from doing the walking test. With my little short legs, I am almost running on the treadmill to get my heart rate to the prescribed number. Now they stress my heart with medication. I have renamed that part of the test the 500 lb. gorilla test. You see, they have this medication which when entering your veins stresses your heart as if you were walking on the treadmill. For me it feels like a 500 lb. gorilla comes in and sits on your chest.

One of the times I took this test even my feet hurt when my heart was stressed. My breathing was short, I felt very weak, I hurt all over. The person administering the test realized the stress I was under and would stand beside me comforting me with words like; “…Only four more minutes. Only three more minutes. Only two more minutes. We are almost finished. You are doing ok.” Soon that gorilla will get up and I will feel better. Thankfully they have now changed the medication they are using, and it brings less pain.

I don’t know about you, but it really helps me to know that there is a trained professional by my side watching over me as I am in stress. She is someone who walks with me when the gorilla is bouncing on your chest, bringing back the feeling of calm.

Jesus is the one who is by our side through every stress-filled moment. He gives us the strength to deal with the gorilla and says to us; “Everything will be ok.”

Dear God, thank you for standing by my side in all the stresses of my life. You have been there from day one and I know you will be there beyond the last day.  Amen.

Grace and Peace

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