The Kitchen Match

Can you imagine the jealousy people from the past would feel if they could somehow be transported from way back in the dark ages too today? They would be astounded at the many and varied blessings which we take for granted, but they might consider to be almost miraculous.

I happen to run across a story of something that might be high on their list of blessings; the kitchen match––the miracle of fire on demand.

Phosphorus, which makes a match light, was discovered in 1669 by a German chemist. Since the stuff could not help him turn lead into gold, the chemists forgot his phosphorus and moved on. English chemist Roger Boyle discovered if he rubbed phosphorus and sulfur together, he could get a fire almost every single time. since Boyle couldn’t think of a purpose for his interesting phenomenon, he also moved on.

Things changed when in 1827 Johnny Walker, an English pharmacist, stirred a batch of chemicals and set down his stirrer. By the time he picked up the stick again, the goop on the end of the stick had hardened. Purely by instinct Walker tried to scrape off the goop by rubbing the stick on the floor. You guessed it he got fire on demand. And the kitchen match was born.

Walker was only trying to clean up a stick, and he ended up with fire on demand. Light had come into the world.

When God created the world, he created light. That was good. When God wanted to save the world from the darkness of sin, he sent Jesus. And that was even better!

You know at one time we walked in the darkness, but for some reason, we walked into a church one day and was found by God’s light. That was a day of new beginning for us, a day that began a whole new process of light growing in our lives. May we continue to allow the light of God to shine through our living. May we covenant with God to be the light bearers to any who live in darkness.

Dear Lord, once we were in darkness, once we had no way of finding our way out. You saw us and found us and changed us with your light. In and through Jesus. Amen.

Grace and Peace

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