Love Will Find a Way

“There will be a new tomorrow. There will be a brighter day. There will be a new tomorrow. Love will find a way.”

These lines are from a popular song of the 60s. This concern for tomorrow is also expressed in a Broadway Play of the time. In it, a young man drops out of school and is estranged from his parents as he struggles with addiction. Out of the depths of what he sees as a hopeless situation, he cries out, “How I wish life were like a notebook so you could tear out the part where you’ve made all the mistakes and start over with a page that is fresh and clean.” 

Today, young people the world over are beginning to express real concern for this new tomorrow, this new chance, this new opportunity. From the plague of gun violence to the existential threat of global warming, the ever-growing awareness and activism of today’s youth should provide a ray of hope for the rest of us. Indeed, for all of us, there comes a time when we long for a new start, a new page, a new opportunity, a new tomorrow. The question is: Will Love find a way? 

One of the fantastic things about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that God’s Love does find a way. Nothing we have done in life prevents God from giving us a new tomorrow. No mistake, no wrong decision, no wrongful act of any kind can defeat God’s Will to forgive. Nothing we do can bind us irrevocably to the past because God is always here to show us the way to a new life in a new tomorrow — sometimes in the most surprising and wondrous ways. 

So the beginning of that new tomorrow is to know that our tomorrow is in God’s hands… however it may work out. I have often thought the world is going to hell in a hand basket…but God says this is a new day. And the Gospels all tell us that The love of Christ will find a way. Hold on to that promise no matter what you are thinking or facing. Love will, indeed, find a way.

And so, we pray: Lord, I admit that I often wonder about today and tomorrow… how will it be? Will it be? Help me to realize that the cross of Christ Jesus is the promise… “Today you will be with me in paradise.” Amen.

Grace and Peace

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