Hold My Hand

The great philosopher, “Charlie Brown,” once made a profound observation that touches on what we call “salvation”… 

Charlie is leaning against a tree, talking to Lucy. She asks, “What do you think security is, Charlie Brown?” Charlie answers, “Security is sleeping in the back seat of a car when you’re a little kid, and you’ve been somewhere with your Mom and Dad, and it’s night. You don’t have to worry about anything. Your Mom and Dad are in the front seat, and they’re doing all the worrying. They take care of everything.” 

Lucy smiles and says, “That’s really neat.” Charlie Brown, who never seems to know when to stop, gets a serious look on his face and says, “But it doesn’t last. Suddenly you’re grown up, and it can never be that way again. Suddenly, it’s all over, and you’ll never get to sleep in the back seat again. Never!” Lucy gets a frightened look on her face and asks, “Never?” And Charlie Brown replies, “Never!” 

As they stand there, sensing the terrible loneliness that goes with being an adult, Lucy reaches out and says, “Hold my hand,” Charlie Brown. 

Let us reach out and say to one another, “Hold my hand.” And, in holding one another’s hands — in placing ourselves in one another’s service — we will experience the Presence of Christ’s hand in ours. We will be secure in the knowledge that salvation has come to our house in the form of the Love of Almighty God. And the loneliness will pass away. And the insecurity will pass away. And, no longer will we feel like we’re “up a tree.” 

And so, we pray: Lord, I do feel alone at times… as a child… as an adult… as an older adult. And I need to know that you are holding my hand… and have been holding it all my life. Embrace me in your grace so that I may know the security of your love. Amen

Grace and Peace

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