A Good Christian Man

Leland Cantrell

This man above is one I have admired since we first met in 1997. You see, my son was dating his daughter, Joy. He impressed me because of his faith and devotion to the church. I have never met anyone so involved in the community, the church and the mission of the church.

Over the years he would go on mission trips (Building Teams) to help build churches in other countries… sometimes even twice a year. He also worked to help people in need in the community. He has been a faithful and active member of the church from childhood til this day. He is one of those people I call the “Fabulous Fifty.” These are the ones you can always… always count on to be present, ready and supportive. If you were to ask anyone about Leland, they would tell you that he is a good Christian man.

He not only helps people of the community, the church and those in need around the world, he also extends that Christian compassion to family and friends. A few weeks ago he borrowed his son-in-law’s car to get some pine needles. On his way to pick them up he was involved in a car wreck which totaled both cars. Our son’s insurance was responsible for both cars. This week Stephen received notice of the settlement… which would not replace his car… and would add to his insurance rates.

Soon after the wreck, I called Leland to see if he was okay… and thank goodness he was. He didn’t speak much about himself… as others might have. His concern was being part of the remedy for the situation the wreck had caused. I expected nothing less from this Christian man. I know this will relieve our son of just another happening to his young family, confirm his children’s respect for Gramps, and put a smile of pride on his daughter’s face.

Thank you Leland for always being that Christian example will all can follow. You make us proud to know we can call you our friend.

Grace and Peace

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