Cable Guy & Thank You Notes

Steve & Shirley

Steve & Shirley

Yesterday morning between 11:00 and 12:00 we had an appointment with the Time Warner Cable Guy to set up our new service here in Greensboro. The day before that we received an email from TWC reminding us of our appointment… to make sure we would be here.

(My apologies to all the good, caring people who work for TWC.)

We thought that was really nice of them to be so on top of this appointment. That enthusiasm soon turned to disappointment. You are right, they did not show between 11:00 and 12:00. We called them at 2:00pm when they still hadn’t shown up. “Oh, we will check on it and have the tech call you back and let you know when they will be there”.

At 6:30pm when they still hadn’t shown up and still no phone call from them, we called them back. “Oh we will check on it and have them call to let you know when they will be there. And because of your inconvenience we will give you a $20.00 credit.”

We called back at 8:30pm when they still hadn’t showed or called. This time we got Tina in Raleigh, who even gave us her employee ID number (#100675571) promising to find out what was happening and call us back.

Guess what… it is 6:00pm on Thursday and we still haven’t heard a word from TWC. I guess that is how you can treat your customers when there is no real competition? It bothered me that they didn’t show up, but it bothered me most that they didn’t take the time to call. I think I would have understood any problems they may have encountered and accepted it as just part of doing business – after all I just finished 40 years in the ministry where things happen everyday. What I could not understand is why someone somewhere in the system could not pick up a cell phone and called to say that we mattered. That is inexcusable.

Last night as we waited and waited and waited for a simple phone call, I had time to think about myself. Have there been times when I failed to return emails and phone calls? Have I missed the opportunity to send thank you notes to people for the nice and gracious gestures they have made in our behalf? I know that I must have made the same mistake.

If I have failed to say thank you; If I have failed to send that note; If I have failed to return that needed phone call; If I have failed to recognize you in any way or diminished your spirit in any way; If I let you down in any way please, please accept my deepest apology. I now have been given a personal lesson from the Cable Company.

Grace and Peace


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